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Next-generation Cancer Detection in a Single Blood Draw

A single blood test for cancer and other diseases could be on the horizon with Adela, Inc. – a UHN incubated company launched in 2021 with an astounding US$60M Series A financing round from some of the top investors in North America. The next generation of cancer detection and precision medicine, Adela’s platform is based on cfMeDIP-seq, a proprietary DNA sequencing methodology discovered at UHN, allowing blood-based cancer detection and disease management. This DNA methylation platform leverages the power of AI to detect cancer and other diseases with a single blood draw.

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Rocking the world of cellular medicines

From record-breaking financing at its inception within UHN and post its full acquisition by Bayer AG, BlueRock Therapeutics continues a strong partnership with UHN, taking regenerative medicine in Toronto to new heights.

UHN, notably the McEwen Stem Cell Institute, has long been a leader in regenerative medicine. Home to the first discovery of stem cells over 50 years ago, the momentum behind UHN’s incredible research has only continued to grow.  BlueRock Therapeutics is an important part of that evolving story.

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a cell under a microscope

Trillium Therapeutics

Discovery behind blockbuster Pfizer-Trillium deal started at UHN and SickKids

“Don’t Eat Me”

It’s a simple biological message whispered by crafty cancer cells to the immune system as they attempt to spread​, grow and avoid destruction.

But the complex work to understand and control that signal, which gives those dangerous cells the power to hide, has taken decades of research to understand. Last year, the story took a new twist when it spurred pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc.’s acquisition of Trillium Therapeutics in a US$2.22 billion deal.

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Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion System

A lung transplant is an effective solution for people living with end-stage lung disease or those who have lost lung function. A transplant can bring back easier breathing and provide additional years of life. However, lung transplant surgeries still carry significant risk of complications and rejection.

In fact, up to 80 percent of donor lungs are discarded due to suspected injury, incompatibility, or, due to organ viability outside the body, a lack of time to investigate lung health and vitality prior to transplantation. This underscores the need for novel transplant technologies to improve outcomes for patients needing organ transplant.

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Treadwell and TCRyption – Pushing boundaries to overcome oncology’s biggest challenges

UHN incubated companies aim to translate research into groundbreaking cancer treatments.

Cancer kills an astonishing 10 million people every year. Battling the disease not only requires incredible amounts of scientific research, but also, the ability to turn critical research discoveries into commercially viable treatment options for cancer patients everywhere.

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Medly Therapeutics

A digital health company taking cardiac health care into the future

Medly Therapeutics’ platform transforms care for heart failure patients and offers remote care from anywhere. Medly includes a Health Canada approved medical device that reduces heart failure management costs and hospitalizations by 50%.

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