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Building on a strong history of collaboration between UHN researchers and industry, we continue to establish and grow successful partnerships that develop ground-breaking medical technologies discovered at UHN throughout their journey to market release.

Together, we enable industry partnerships and successfully connect the best commercial opportunities to our world-class scientists, clinicians and researchers – whether it is through a license or long-term collaboration/strategic risk-sharing partnership. By tailoring our approach to each technology and industry partner, we maximize opportunities for patient impact around the world.

Working together, we are creating a healthier world.

Featuring recent collaboration successes


A single blood test for cancer and other diseases could be on the horizon with Adela – a UHN company launched in 2021 with an astounding US$60 million Series A financing from some of the top investors in North America. The next generation of cancer diagnostics and precision medicine, Adela’s platform is based on a proprietary DNA sequencing methodology discovered at UHN, allowing blood-based cancer diagnosis and disease management.

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A lung transplant is an effective solution for people living with end-stage lung disease or those who have lost lung function. A transplant can bring back easier breathing and provide additional years of life. However, lung transplant surgeries still carry significant risk of complications and rejection.In fact, up to 80 percent of donor lungs are discarded due to suspected injury, incompatibility, or, due to organ viability outside the body, a lack of time to investigate lung health and vitality prior to transplantation.

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Cancer kills an astonishing 10 million people every year. Battling the disease not only requires incredible amounts of scientific research, but also, the ability to turn critical research discoveries into commercially viable treatment options for cancer patients everywhere.

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Revolutionizing cardiac care through a digital health solution for heart health care from anywhere, Medly Therapeutics is a digital health company taking cardiac health care into the future. The Medly platform transforms care for heart failure patients and offers remote care from anywhere. Medly includes a Health Canada approved medical device that reduces heart failure management costs and hospitalizations by 50%.

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Collaboration Opportunities

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At UHN, we have a robust technology pipeline with  discoveries and patents changing daily. Ready to help commercialize the next medical breakthrough? Looking to complement or fill gaps in your own product pipeline?  Our Licensing and Commercialization experts will work with you to identify the best collaboration opportunity.

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Regenerative Medicine — The Potential To Rebuild

Our innovations in regenerative medicine and stem-cell therapies enable the rebuilding of damaged tissues, brain and organs – bringing new hope in the treatment of trauma and diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Organ & Transplant Technologies — when experience matters most

Built upon UHN’s renowned experience in organ transplantation, our groundbreaking organ and transplant technologies strive to enhance transplant effectiveness and patient outcomes around the world. The latest innovation, the ex-vivo organ support system, has opened the door to organ preservation outside the body. In addition to improving transplant rates and viability, an arsenal of biomarkers discovered at UHN supports screening, disease management and various rapid diagnostic interventions – improving transplant success for patients.

Complex Disease/Immunity— A Total-Body Approach for a Healthier Future

With metabolic disease infection and immunity on the rise around the world, our medical technologies address a variety of complex diseases affecting our bodies today and have the potential to enhance the health, lives and longevity of patients across the globe.

Cancer Technologies — making hope happen

Cancer research has the potential to be truly life-changing – but only if it can successfully translate into innovations that drive enhanced prevention, novel treatment options and patient longevity. Our commercially viable innovations include various immunotherapy targets, all with the goal of transforming leading research into actionable solutions.

Rehabilitation Technologies — getting better every day

From electronic stimulation to wearable tech and beyond, our unique innovations improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation therapies for joints, vision, brain and more – driving enhanced functioning and independence for patients everywhere.

Tools And Solutions

AI & Digital Health Platforms

the future of healthcare

Our innovative solutions harness the power of futuristic AI, machine learning, software, planning and automation technologies to improve the efficiency, quality and delivery of healthcare.

Drug Discovery, Delivery & Screening

Inspiring Progress

We translate cutting-edge research in genetic therapies, biologics, new molecules, biomarkers and more into progressive, proven solutions with the potential to change the face of healthcare.

Diagnosing Disease

speed, accuracy and customization

By speeding the next generation of diagnostic tools into the hands of the medical community, we’re driving more timely and accurate diagnostic results for all and are increasingly able to customize advanced personalized medicine options for patients.

Medical Devices

endless possibilities

We combine expert research and the latest technological advancements to create cutting-edge commercialized medical devices.

Repository of Clinical Tools, Cell Lines and Other Biomaterials

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A robust repository of clinical tools, cell lines and other materials are available for academic and industry partnership alike. Featuring screening tools such as the STOP-Bang questionnaire, helping with North American patient  screening for OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), many of our solutions are internationally renowned and adaptable in multiple settings.

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