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UHN Research & Innovation Cores

UHN Research & Innovation Cores are state-of-the-art facilities that enable investigators and scientists to access instruments, technologies and services to support their research studies. Managed by knowledgeable staff, UHN Research & Innovation cores serve as catalysts to accelerate studies from the lab to patient care. These Services serve UHN research study teams and they are also available to investigators worldwide.

UHN Research and Innovation Cores is inclusive of: 

UHN Biobanks
UHN is home to some of the world’s most advanced, expertly annotated biobanking facilities providing a wide variety of services for the enhancement and progression of novel and innovative research and discovery. Our biobanks include: 

1. UHN Biospecimens Services

2. McCain GU Biobank

3. Princess Margaret Cancer BioBank

4. Peter Munk Cardiac Center Cardiovascular Biobank

5. The Princess Margaret Living Biobank (PMLB) offers Patient Derived tumor Organoid (PDO) and Xenograft (PDX) models and associated turnkey services for research studies.

UHN Research & Innovation Cores additionally offer services in:

• Bioinformatics
• Cell and Vector Production 
• Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting
• Genomics
• Imaging
• Innovation and Engineering 
• Laboratory Services 

Learn more about these capabilities and how they can facilitate your work:

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KITE Labs offers an experienced and cross-functional team that can take ideas and concepts for medical devices and turn them into reality. KITE provides extensive knowledge and capabilities to private businesses, institutions and individuals who require support to design, protect, develop, prototype and test new technologies. For more information about these services, contact:

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