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DNA inside a syringe

Adela advances precision medicine

Developing next-generation cancer diagnostics in a single blood draw

Today, the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases typically involves a multi-stage detection process subject to a number of inefficiencies and challenges. Can you imagine a world in which a single blood test could detect disease and enable earlier treatment?

Adela is creating that world.

Developed based on epigenetic research at UHN's Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and incubated and de-risked at UHN, Adela’s mission is to develop innovative, accessible technologies that harness biology and change the way we diagnose and treat many diseases – beginning with cancer.

How does it work?

Adela’s platform is based on a specialized form of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) technology, known as cfMeDIP-seq. Discovered at UHN, cfMeDIP-seq is an ultra-sensitive methylation pattern detection technology which, combined with AI, helps to detect cancer and other high-morbidity, high-mortality conditions through just a single blood draw. This enables earlier disease detection, diagnosis and management.

cfMEDIP-seq is the basis of Adela's groundbreaking liquid biopsy technology that detects and analyzes the sequences and modifications made to fragments of DNA present in the blood – known as DNA methylation –  that are often found in cancer cells. Paired with sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Adela’s best-in-class sequencing platform mines millions of DNA methylation changes in the human body to diagnose cancer and other conditions with precision.

What's Next?

Adela’s potential to speed the path to disease detection and diagnosis has been recognized – in medical publications, and with the commitment of USD$60 million in one of Canada’s largest-ever Series A financing rounds, led by U.S.-based F-Prime Capital and backed by OrbiMed, Deerfield Management, Decheng Capital and RA Capital Management. This funding will enable the groundbreaking start-up to achieve ambitious milestones in the advancement of precision-based, personalized medicine.