Funding Commercialization at UHN

UHN Commercialization is committed to converting our top-tier science into products and treatments with the potential to impact patients worldwide. To this end, UHN’s technology incubation model includes in-house accelerator programs offering significant capital to help early-stage technologies advance to the point of commercialization readiness.

Programs such as the Innovation Acceleration Fund, in partnership with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, help researchers close funding gaps between research funding received from grant and government sources, and the significant private-sector investments needed to de-risk discoveries in order to bring new therapies and technologies to the people who need them.

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“Commercialization accelerator programs are an essential part of our commercialization philosophy at UHN, where incubation funding such as the Innovation Acceleration Fund de-risk technologies, bringing them to pivotal inflection points,”

Innovation Acceleration Fund

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The Innovation Acceleration Fund (IAF) has been established to overcome barriers to research translation.  Its objective is to accelerate research discoveries at UHN to demonstrate commercial applicability to potential industry partners and/or investors.

A maximum contribution of $250,000 is available per proposal. Eligible researchers are currently those affiliated with the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. You can learn more here or by contacting us at:

Who can apply?

Are you a researcher at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre? Think your project can accelerate cutting edge cancer research from bench to bedside? With the IAF, early stage research results with high commercialization potential can receive critical development funds to advance and potentially help patients world-wide.

Questions? Contact us at :

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