Welcome, Laura McLachlan!

May 31, 2022

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UHN Commercialization welcomes Laura McLachlan, our new Licensing & Commercialization Professional, Biomaterials and Clinical Tools

The UHN Commercialization team welcomes Laura McLachlan, our new Licensing & Commercialization Professional, Biomaterials and Clinical Tools.

Laura joined us in January of 2022. In this role, she is responsible for driving the growth of our broad non-exclusive licensing portfolio, working to maximize the commercialization and patient impact of the myriad questionnaires, research tools, cell lines, and other assets currently in use at UHN.  To date, she has been busy developing an optimized strategy and a streamlined approach to corporate contracts that has encouraged stronger, focused industry partnerships, including identifying tiered pricing options to set up increasing possibilities for mass-licensing of our non-exclusive assets, such as questionnaires.  She will be working broadly across the organization in both clinical and research areas to identify new tools developed and currently in use within UHN walls which may be shared externally to broaden patient impact far and wide.

Laura brings a strong, international background in research commercialization, business and partnership development as well as IP development and management in both academic and clinical environments. Her experience includes technology commercialization roles at York University, St. Michael’s Hospital, MaRS Innovation and the Universities of Manchester, Liverpool and Salford.

Laura’s interdisciplinary background brings together both science and law, including a PhD in Biomaterials and an LLM in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Manchester.

She is currently exploring effective strategies to  grow fair value commercialization of UHN’s vast repository of biobank/biomaterials, questionnaires, clinical tools and other assets for practical use by industry as well as multiple third party partners.

Laura is passionate about translating the outputs of research into new products and services to benefit society.

Outside of work Laura enjoys hiking, cycling, folk dancing and baking.

Please join us in welcoming Laura!

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